Assessment in Recruitment

The evolution of assessment in recruitment

A few weeks ago, I attended the Association for Business Psychology event – The Evolution of Assessment. It was held in a great venue – The Linnean Society, in the very room in which Darwin delivered some of his research around evolution, so very fitting!

The future of assessment

It was interesting to listen to anticipated challenges in the future of assessment, but also to hear more about some of the latest techniques in assessment, all ultimately pushing for a ‘fast, efficient and fair’ recruitment process.

Some highlights and areas to think about:

*Do your assessment methods predict future behaviour? Are they valid?
*Longer tests are perceived by candidates to provide a better experience – is the race for shorter psychometric tests over?
*Will we be using voice analysis or technology that measures facial expressions, when screening video interviews in the future?
*Looking at someone’s online social media profile is not predictive of job performance
*Psychometric tests need to be mobile enabled to ensure good rates of completion
*Gamification is a growing – it provides many more data points than traditional psychometrics, and is engaging and rewarding for candidates to complete, allowing you to measure traits associated with the role being recruited – it can make recruitment fun

Assessment at work

The ABP is working really hard engaging with the world of business, in integrating the use of psychology in a user-friendly way. This event was great at highlighting how intrinsically linked the world of psychology and recruitment are.

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