The value behind Values Based Recruitment

Values based recruitment

We recruit many hundreds (possibly into the thousands) of care workers for our clients each year. It’s tough – care is not a job for the faint-hearted, it’s low paid, hard work, often involves manual tasks and in sometimes distressing circumstances. In many cases it’s a vocation rather than a job.

People who are good at caring for others, love to care (and continue to do so in the most difficult of circumstances), they want to care for all, and are driven by the overall rewards and satisfaction this role brings; and they’re certainly not driven by the financial rewards.

That’s why using a values-based recruitment model works so well in this industry. It’s not about someone’s previous experience or the skills that they have already perfected, but their values, behaviours and potential to care. The skills needed in the role can be taught, the values someone holds are intrinsic.

Never too old

It was really heart-warming to read a blog from an inspirational care worker recently, who only took up the role at the age of 70. In a ‘traditional’ recruitment process I’m not sure her experience working for an antique dealer would have made the shortlist.

Click Here to read the article

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