I can see the future

Recruitment Virtual Reality

On 1st March I attended the Changeboard Future Talent Conference, and there were some really inspirational speakers in attendance – Martine Wright, Lord Chris Holmes MBE and Sir Clive Woodward, amongst others. The main topic of conversation was of course ‘the future’ and speakers were telling their own stories and making suggestions about what we can expect.

Outside of the main arena, one thing that really caught my attention, was the virtual reality headsets on The Economist stand. They have teamed up with Project Mosul, a group dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage, and have re-created (virtually) Iraq’s Mosul museum which was destroyed by Islamic State.

Click here for article

It was pretty amazing to ‘walk’ through the museum created from crowd-sourced footage and images, being able to wander round the exhibits and hear commentary at the same time – it really brought it to life superbly, which got me thinking about how we can use it in recruitment.

Candidates ask us repeatedly what it’s ‘really like to work there’ and I can see this technology being used to create a ‘day-in-the-life’ like we’ve never seen before. I’m really excited at the prospect of candidates being able to ‘see’ the working environment first hand, to help inform their decision about whether this is the location / role for them. Exciting times!

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