Millennial generation demand fun at work

Is it okay to have fun at work?

According to the Millennial generation it is. In fact it’s what they expect!

For many generations before them, employment has meant loyalty, not complaining, long hours and fair reward for working hard – certainly not having fun! However, for the Millennial generation they are evaluating work-life through very different eyes to their predecessors. They are looking for work to be exciting as well as challenging, and there is a greater mentality of ‘life is short – enjoy it’ which applies to their work too.

Work/ life balance

So what can employers do about it? In short, they need to be flexible, and able to respond to the need for a more balanced lifestyle, allowing time for fun. For many organisations it’s undoubtedly a challenge to make work itself fun, but a degree of flexibility is needed because Millenials who find themselves in unenjoyable jobs, will retrain in other areas, leave and go somewhere it is fun.

Recruitment challenge

The challenge for recruiters is accepting that traditional screening processes against CV’s, education and experience need adapting. Just because someone is academically a good match for a role is not enough. We need to discover what values job-seekers have, as well as what they find fun to do, helping to ensure they are more closely matched to the organisation and a role that they will find enjoyable.


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