Female Talent Pipelines in Recruitment

More women needed

There is no doubt that we need to look at increasing female talent pipelines, particularly in male-dominated roles, and in industries where women are under-represented, with the CIPD recently publishing another article related to this. Click here to read

How to attract female applicants?

But HOW can organisations tackle this issue in practice? Well, from our point of view it’s about engagement, engagement and more engagement!

Get in to schools, colleges and universities, and start engaging with young females so that they understand what you do.

Many female applicants tell us that they haven’t considered a role or sector before, purely because they don’t know about the types of roles and the potential myriad of opportunities available to them. (see also our article on graduates career advice)

Tell stories either in person or via your website, with positive role models. It’s more than just using female-friendly images in your attraction material, but making a commitment to offer mentorship or be available to answer questions. We’ve recently come across Class Careers who offer a fantastic solution to school engagement – www.classcareers.co.uk

Build your talent pipeline

Access and understanding are often the biggest barriers to overcome, so if you are able to offer experience opportunities or open events these can really help.

No organisation is going to increase its female talent pipeline by doing what they’ve always done – is it time for you to update your recruitment approach?


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