A job close to home

What do candidates want?


It’s definitely a candidate-led market at the moment with skills-shortages in many areas, and the best candidates quite often aren’t looking for you at all – they are doing well in another organisation and role, which means you need to go and look for them. So how do you know what they’ll want?

Well, first and foremost the role needs to be right for them – a good match for their skills, experience, values and behaviours. However, TotalJobs recent Employer Insights Report (Feb 2016) also suggests that candidates are considering both location and salary equally. It’s not all about the money and because they don’t have to travel extensively to get the job of their dreams, they won’t.

Localised attraction

We’ve certainly seen a need for a more localised attraction strategy in the Graduate recruitment space recently, but it’s becoming more prevalent in the experienced-hire market too. Organisations need to understand their local demographics, which includes where potential new employees are working now, as well as knowing where they ‘hang out’ in order to target them appropriately with their attraction messages.

For those to whom location and convenience of getting to work matters,  being really clear about location and travel is essential. I read with interest the comments received by a recruiter on LinkedIn last week – the conversation going like this:

CANDIDATE – “When you say west of London could you give me the nearest tube station?”

RECRUITER – “Uxbridge.  With respect, I have a dozen candidates asking me about the scope of the role, not where the nearest tube station is. I think we’ll leave it here.  Thank you for your attention.”

Don’t forget ….

I’d also add to the attraction strategy detail about the organisation’s values and ethics, plus mentioning any additional lifestyle benefits that are on offer. You could also offer up the opportunity for them to speak to someone in a similar role, to find out what it’s really like to work for you, as candidates tell us they are doing more research than ever before when deciding on their future employers.


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