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Graduate career choices

We’re finding that Graduates are selective in their degree choices, and are certainly more savvy when it comes to decision making about their future careers than they might have been in the past. The UK Graduate Careers survey from High Fliers, suggests that 48% of 2015 Graduates, began researching their career options by the end of their first year of study. This is up 18% from 2010.

Impact of tuition fees

Reasons for this shift are plentiful, but as we see the early Graduate cohorts who have paid up to £9,000 per year tuition fees enter the workplace, certainly the debt associated is having an impact on which offers they are likely to accept. It’s been widely reported that a large proportion of these Graduates will still be repaying their fees well  into their 50’s so it’s perhaps unsurprising that they are querying the return on investment.

Careers advice

With careers advice coming predominantly from within schools alone, young people don’t fully understand the roles available to them, so is it a surprise that so many Graduates end up in non-Graduate roles? Often advice is misinterpreted, and employers really need to get into schools, colleges and universities early, to ensure students can direct their study path in the right direction to get the job they want.

This report from City & Guilds highlights some key issues

Parental influence

And perhaps because of the lack of clarity for graduates, we are seeing parental involvement in the career decisions of graduates, particularly around offer stage, grow dramatically.

All in all a much more complex world for graduate recruitment in the years ahead!


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