The best 2016 recruitment predictions (we think!):

There are all sorts of predictions about recruitment in 2016 about. These are 5 that seem realistic to us:

1) Expect counter-offers to grow.
Starting with graduates – “A noticeable rise in the number of graduates turning down or reneging on job offers”, but likely across all sectors as employment continues to grow, and wage growth is driven by competition for candidates.

2) Growth of employee referral schemes.
UKCES reported a 42% increase on vacancies last year compared to two years ago. As competition grows and talent becomes harder to find, quality employers will turn even more to their own employees to help them recruit. A process significantly aided by developments in technology (we will do a review of software later in year)

3) Wage inflation to continue.
Across all levels of roles salaries will rise. Impacted at the bottom end by the introduction of the Living Wage, and a compound annual growth rate of 7% across the European Football market at the top –!!

4) Demand for faster, easier application processes. 
Video will increase throughout the application process – moving beyond video interviews. There is still space for audio applications as well, and all of course needing to be highly configured for mobile.

5) Recruiting for values rather than skills will continue at a greater pace.
Both the competition for quality talent, and the proven success of values based recruitment means that we agree with FutureStep’s prediction that “companies may increasingly look beyond the skills and background workers offer. Instead, they may focus on hiring people with motivations and traits that indicate they will be good to train on-the-job.”

Do you agree with these predictions? What are you doing to address their impact if so? thoroughlyrecruitment would love to hear from you.


Posted by Will 3rd February 2016


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