What is Thoroughly Recruitment?

Tell most people you meet that you are ‘in recruitment’, and they almost all immediately think that you work for a traditional recruitment agency.

Shame for the recruitment brand experts, the occupational and organisation psychologists, the recruitment software experts, and the dedicated in-house recruitment professionals.

We believe that recruitment processes should be ‘thorough’! If all elements are done well, and then combined together effectively, a recruitment process should deliver outstanding talent for its host company.

To further a future where all recruitment is ‘thorough’, we have launched our blog to curate and gather together in one place as many elements of recruitment as we can.

So over the coming time, expect us to feature recruitment and employment reports, new developments in talent software, research on effective recruitment techniques, and talent success stories, amongst others.

And we are keen to hear from and feature your own ‘thorough’ recruitment stories – so please comment, email, or sign up to write a guest blog.

We hope you will enjoy recruitment – thoroughly!

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